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Nov. 9, 2020

Iron skillet, my dear?

I was surprised with a celebratory notification from WP this week. Read and Write Here has been here for six years! This blog is in first grade learning how to write letters. Recently, a first grader ask me, “How do you write so fast?” I have A LOT of practice.

A screenshot of a notification from WordPress celebrating 6 years of blogging. There is a blue laurel around the W of WP logo and a light blue circle around the laurel. The message says, "Happy Anniversary with! You registered on 6 years ago. Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging."
6th Anniversary with WP

Doing a quick search online, traditional sixth anniversary wedding gifts is iron to symbolize strength. If I classify my relationship with R&WH as a marriage, we would be in trouble. I take leaves of absences without notice and without promissory return dates. I don’t write letters to update on how I’m doing or where I am. I show up when it’s convenient for me.

Blogging is something fun I do on the side. NanoPoblano2020 is really pushing my privacy since my goal is to post 30 days in a row, and oftentimes I don’t know what to write about. It feels like marriage counseling where it’s forcing me to pay attention to R&WH and nurturing my relationship with my readers. Of course I value my readers; that’s why I only want to post something when it’s worth their time.

The third week of November will be the most difficult for me, so I’m writing and scheduling posts ahead of time, like this one, whenever I can. I also have cheat posts, which I will discuss later on in the event (goal is on Nov. 30 where I write about the experience). We’re nine days in and have 21 more to go!

What’s your relationship with your blog like?

11 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. happy anniversary. Wow 6 years is pretty long.

    Even I have trouble finding topics with NanoPoblano2020. Finding topic to write everyday is no joke and on the other side I don’t feel like writing something junk also. Even I ended up writing about lot of my private stuff!!

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    1. Hi Deepika, you took the words out of my post 😀 I have trouble finding topics, too, and I expressed that when I signed up to participate. For me, I found myself panicking at the beginning scrambling to get a post posted by 11:59pm in my time zone. As I visited other blogs, I allowed myself to be inspired by others, so topics, ideas, and inspiration don’t have to be self-generated, they can be generated by others. I saw your other blog with your artwork. They are incredible. From your About Page, I can see your expertise in firmware, your experience in the IT industry, and working with those around you. It may be controversial and deeply personal, but you can share your experience in IT as someone who has worked in the U.S. and India, and when you work with other Indians, your caste tends to follow you. In addition, I see your virtual library on Goodreads, so you can write book reviews. Most of my posts for the third week of November is scheduled for book reviews. Lastly, you can write a post about your privacy and why you’re not on social media except WP. Hope this helps 🙂


      1. Yes even when I signed up I was doubtful. But when I saw other bloggers I was excited and encouraged. Anyway this time the format is different. Post for 10 days, comment for 10 days and share for 10 days. So my 10 day posting is done.
        Thanks so much for visiting my art Blog 😀 yes I could write book reviews. That would be good. And also about being on social media. Those are good ideas. Thanks for them Leanne.😀
        It’s so nice to have met you.

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  2. Happy blogiversary! I have a similar relationship with my blog- I want to be more regular with posts than I usually am. I sometimes let the ground of my blog lie fallow for weeks or months at a time, feeling guilty the whole time about not blogging. This nanopoblano has not lacked for post ideas, though. So far, so good!

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    1. Thanks Steven! I used to feel guilty for not posting for extended periods of time also and not having a posting schedule. Eventually I asked myself “why am I blogging?” I also acknowledge that sometimes I don’t have anything that’s worth sharing, so I don’t – quality over quantity. Lastly, I acknowledge that work takes priority, so when I don’t have enough time to blog, it’s OK.
      Since you’re one who has abundant ideas, how about sharing some with us?
      By the way, I greatly enjoy your posts on touristy places you’ve visited.

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      1. At the end of almost every post, I ask a question. Maybe one or two of them will give you an idea for a post of your own. 😀

        And thank you- my blog was mostly a travelogue for the years I lived abroad, and I quite like showing the places that are interesting to visit around town.

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