Free Shipping!

Mom is the reason why we're here. Mom also loves us unconditionally, will do anything for us, and models perseverance no matter the challenge. Let's celebrate! Mother's Day is coming faster than I can prepare for, nonetheless, I am still having a promotion as promised. As you consider all of your choices, I hope you… Continue reading Free Shipping!

Trash to Treasure


When I created the parrot for Vivian, I had some extra pieces and created something with them (instead of putting them back in the cramped box). I named this piece, Greenspan, because I like how it looks like it's expanding off the canvas. In this span of green is also looks like a flower, a… Continue reading Greenspan

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How are you Changing the World?

How are you changing the world? It's 29th prompt of Bloganuary, which means we are almost done with this challenge! I change the world by being an educator, a mentor, and a maker. Educator As an educator, I change the world indirectly. I have the privilege to teach and mold my students for a short… Continue reading How are you Changing the World?