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I have recently changed my tagline from A space to read and write to A space to read and write…and now make! because I have discovered and accepted that I like to make things.  I have done origami since I was a kid, and started making cards (happy birthday, get well soon, etc.) for people several years ago.  I only make cards for special people who I know will appreciate and keep the card I made, because it takes forever to make each one.

Recently, I began making jewelry. I am pretty new in the jewelry industry, having only worked for two jewelry businesses until I started making my own, I would like to learn more about what the jewelry world has to teach me.

What motivates me to make jewelry are:

  1. Idea to art.  Whenever I set my mind to make something, I have an idea or vision of what it looks like.  Origami is like a formula; with cards and jewelry designs, I envision the result and take steps to make it happen.
  2. Figure things out.  I am really smart and I like to learn how things work, why things are the way they are, and how to improve.  So by having it challenging, I gain much more as I master each material and design.
  3. Happy people.  When make custom pieces for people, their faces light up when they wear it.

I invite you to join me on my journey and check out the Jewelry category for my latest creations.