Trash to Treasure

Fairy Garden

Upon hearing an acquaintance was injured from a fall and had to have surgery, I offered to make an upcycled art piece for her. I learned that she liked green and yellow and would prefer to have the art piece stand. With these conditions, I got to work. The scene I ended up making had… Continue reading Fairy Garden


Final Breath

A frown fixed upon my face. I do not speak.  If I speak, The demon inside slashes with uncontrolled fury, Words loud like cuts on the wrist. I cannot take them back; I will not take them back. My silence The only thing keeping the peace. Our turmoil is tearing me apart from the inside. … Continue reading Final Breath

Education and Beyond

Don’t be a Statistic, Minimize your Risk

Late last month, I posted a more positive post persuading readers to not gather for Thanksgiving and upcoming holidays. In the coming days, millions of people traveled for Thanksgiving, exceeding airports' expectations, not to mention those who traveled by car, and ignoring health officials' guidance. It's clear that the number of cases have continued to… Continue reading Don’t be a Statistic, Minimize your Risk