Another Post on Shiny Bosses

Hello there!

Last I wrote about Shiny Bosses I couldn’t imagine that I’d had so many good bosses.  I have another fantastic boss to talk about.  

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Book Lovers Tag

Hello all!

I saw this post on Ritu‘s blog and it’s applicable to me, and I’m participating! (Hi Ritu! It’s Leanne from Elle’s Adventure in China! Read and Write Here is for all my random writings.)

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Do you have a specific place for reading?

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Great Expectations

Great Expectations is a classic by Charles Dickens, about a young, poor, fellow in 1860s (Victorian) England.  When the main character, “Pip”, was about 8 or so, he was requested by Miss Havisham, a well-off ancient-looking lady whose time froze along with

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