Final Breath

A frown fixed upon my face. I do not speak.  If I speak, The demon inside slashes with uncontrolled fury, Words loud like cuts on the wrist. I cannot take them back; I will not take them back. My silence The only thing keeping the peace. Our turmoil is tearing me apart from the inside. … Continue reading Final Breath

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Review: Shadows

Nov. 15, 2020 "What lies behind your shadow?" Anita Dawes is the author of six novels of different genres. She recently rediscovered her love of poetry which can be seen in her publication of Shadows. Interestingly, she prefers to write long-hand. Shadows is the title of her opening poem with the first line reading, "What… Continue reading Review: Shadows

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Transition #writephoto

Another inspirational post from Ritu that led me to participate in another challenge. Ritu, if you bite me again, I'll call you a vampire. This is a photo prompt challenge where participants respond to a photo from the hostess, Sue Vincent, and write something that's "fairly family friendly" by Wednesday May 29th. Here goes. This… Continue reading Transition #writephoto