How do you feel when you look at the stars? Terri quietly stepped out of the apartment to get away from all the sad people. She was sad, too, but so many people being sad in such a small space suffocated her. On the balcony, she kept her hands in her pockets and looked up… Continue reading Stars



Describe yourself as a tree. I am a deciduous tree, one with leaves that changes colors with the seasons. I am a deciduous tree because right now, my limbs are bare and freezing. My scars are less noticeable because of the cold weather, and my whole demeanor is frail and lifeless. But this isn't me… Continue reading Tree

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How are you Changing the World?

How are you changing the world? It's 29th prompt of Bloganuary, which means we are almost done with this challenge! I change the world by being an educator, a mentor, and a maker. Educator As an educator, I change the world indirectly. I have the privilege to teach and mold my students for a short… Continue reading How are you Changing the World?



Where do you go when you need solitude? Darian just came home from a 16-hour shift at the hospital. He stands at the door looking at his feet. His hormonal wife, who recently gave birth to their daughter, on the other side of the door singing to their crying baby. He leans his forehead on… Continue reading Solitude