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Hello All!

I do not have much time to write or be creative as of late, but tonight, I saw an interesting post by NerdyWordyBirdy in my Reader – November is National Blog Posting Month. NanoPoblano as the event is known, has two methods of participation this year.

Method 1: 30 days of posting

Method 2: 10 days of posting | 10 days of reading and commenting | 10 days of sharing

I will be busy and this would push me to write and post what I have not done – book reviews, quarantine crafts, and jewelry, to say the least – but these will not take up 30 consecutive days. Nonetheless, I am committed to writing and posting every day in November. I have signed up before writing this post. You can join, too!

Want to help? Suggest topics in the Comments section.

7 thoughts on “#NanoPoblano2020

  1. Yay! Happy to be Peppering with you. 🙂 As far as topic suggestions– we have some writing prompts in our Facebook group. I’m personally fond of “Get to know the blogger” style posts — always interesting. 🙂


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