Small #writephoto

Sue Vincent‘s prompt is different this week. We have four choices in images (pick one) and two choices in words – “small” and “choices” (pick one). I chose an image where there is a hole-shaped doorway at the base of a large tree, and the word I chose is “small”.

The monochrome image shows the base of a tree with a hole, like a doorway, through its base...
The base of a tree with a hole, like a doorway, through its base…

“Remember when we played sword fighting, hide and seek, and tag in Mr. Riley’s backyard?”

Ellie laughs and almost fell over. “Oh yeah! I remember we snuck over there and he would yell at us and wave his rake like he could catch us to hit us with his wrinkly 90-year-old frame!”

Todd laughed, too. “Remember the time when he told on us? My dad had this dead serious look on his face, and I thought we were in big trouble, but as soon as he heard Mr. Riley close his door, my dad let out this thundering laugh. The windows were shaking!”

Ellie and Todd laughed hysterically.

After they calmed down, Ellie’s feet crunched the dead leaves on the ground as she went to place a bouquet of flowers on the base of the giant tree where they used to play.

“We’re sorry, Mr. Riley. Please forgive us. We were so small, we didn’t understand … we didn’t know that this is where … where John Jr. passed. ”

Todd came over and placed a bouquet next to Ellie’s. “Sorry Mr. Riley. We really are sorry. When John is old enough to play … did you hear that, Mr. Riley? We’re naming this baby after your son, John -“

Ellie rubbed her protruding belly and finished his sentence, “so that he could have the life your little boy was meant to have.”

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