Choices #writephoto

Sue Vincent‘s prompt is different this week. We have four choices in images (pick one) and two choices in words – “small” and “choices” (pick one). I chose an image where there is a person on a beach against a wide ocean and the word I chose is “choices”.

For some reason, WP did not allow me to post my submission in Sue’s comment section this week (despite being able to the last two times). Nonetheless, this is it!

a solitary figure on a beach against a wide ocean.
A solitary figure on a beach against a wide ocean

I didn’t ask to be here, and

Yet, here I am.

Sometimes I feel alone,

Yet, there are so many people in the room.

Sometimes I feel tiny in this world

Yet, I desire to make my mark.

Today, I made my choice to be here

To have this beach to myself

The ocean to myself

As it sings me a lullaby

Nature to myself

As it feeds me every day

I am with nature, which means

I am never alone.


Thanks for reading.

5 thoughts on “Choices #writephoto

  1. There is always Nature… and we are never alone, no matter how isolated we may feel. Lovely, Leanne.
    The links came through , but most links have to be approved before they show up… it is always best to leave a link in the comments 🙂


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