Photos that Didn’t Make the Cut

Nov. 17, 2021

If you’ve read my posts in the last two months, you know photography is not making it easy on me as I capture the jewelry for my Amazon store. However, in this post, I’m sharing a few photos where the jewelry shows brilliant colors, but they didn’t make the cut (Amazon’s strict and specific guidelines). I love the colors when they are in the sun and I am mesmerized by them for a moment. However, I know the morning light is limited each day and must seize the opportunity.

Based on what I made and photographed, aqua is my favorite color to work with. It’s cooling, yet powerful. This dichotomy also draws me.

The first two are not for sale, yet, since they haven’t met photo requirements. They are so beautiful and it’s a shame that I can’t accurately capture them as they are. The smaller beaded portion all the way to the back are silver-lined black and aqua beads with no pattern. Each also has a magnetic circular clasp. It might be better to retake these photos. On the other hand, the last one – Christmas Gift Earrings – is up for purchase and there’s only one pair.

NanoPoblano Day 17 Done!

8 thoughts on “Photos that Didn’t Make the Cut

    1. Thank you. It looks better in person and worn, or admired from outside of a glass case, your choice.

      Good point. I didn’t think about how people feel divine and possibly transcendent when we look at the ocean.

      I would love to show everyone my other art pieces, but photography still poses a challenge. I’ll continue to do my best.


      1. I’ve thought about investing in a better phone with a camera more frequently these days. Still deciding. My latest, “yes, you should start shopping” reason is this problem will persist.

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      2. I’ve been and still am going through the same issues when it comes to my vlogging (yes, I vlog, but only when I have the time). I need better equipment. But since I really just do vlogging for fun, I don’t pressure myself to invest in things that can wait. I don’t vlog to earn anyway.

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      3. You provide a great perspective. Prior to my Amazon store, I captured jewelry to show my work, and now there’s so much pressure to make everything perfect and professional, like I’m supposed to have all of this equipment and know all of these things on Day 1. The pressure is quite stressful and it’s not fun.


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