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Cooling Triangular Collage

Nov. 16, 2021

Did you know that triangles are the strongest shape? Now you do! That’s why you see triangles in everything that needs to be sturdy and hold tons of weight, from bridges, cranes (in construction), and architecture.

Therefore, triangles were what I had cut from the strips of cardstock that were not the correct size for my other upcycling projects, but couldn’t bear to throw them away. I had to find another use for them and they turned out to be this collage. They came from tissue boxes (time to play “Where’s Waldo” but with “Kleenex”), and the canvas was 3 panels of an ice cream box.

This collage is made of countless tiny pieces of triangles cut from several tissue boxes. The triangles have varying shades of violet and blues, with hints of yellow and white.
Cooling Triangular Collage

It started with small triangles. As you can imagine, it was a tedious process that was wearing on me. I had spent about seven hours in two days and there was about two-thirds of white space remaining. Therefore, when I ran out of triangles, I cut bigger triangles.

The larger pieces are more manageable, but I prefer the smaller pieces in aesthetics. The smaller pieces also allowed spaces to be better filled. The whole thing has an interesting texture, too. I may do another one if I have some down time in January.

If you are looking for a long, indoor project with puzzle-like features, this is something you can consider. I recommend starting with a small canvas, such as a panel of a snack box to see how you like the process before embarking on something as large as mine, a 7×11-inch triptych. Another recommendation is to keep your yet-to-be-glued pieces in a secure container.

NanoPoblano Day 16 Done!

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    1. I first heard of it when I was working at JHU CTY, since I was the assistant to one of the physics teachers. Next time I heard it was on Making It, Season 1. Unfortunately, I can’t find it because it’s not posted online – clip and entire episodes. Third was verifying the info. for this post online.

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