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How I Know You’re Lying

Nov. 28, 2022

Grumpy Grammarian, back for the last time for NanoPoblano. Today’s lesson is short discussing truth and lies. How do I know you’re lying?

When you say, “In fact,” “honestly,” or “to be honest.”

By default, I assume what you say is truthful. Therefore, when you emphasize something is truthful or the statement you’re about to make is fact, you’re trying too hard, which makes me suspect that you are lying.

Likewise, if I notice that these words and phrases are used too frequently in your speech, I suspect you lie about everything. What you want me to believe is what comes after those words or phrases, and I know I will be taken advantage in some form. How much is that timeshare that I can use whenever I want?

Lying is bad in general, so don’t do it.


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