Yummy Cookies

There are 4 tasty cookies. One is heart-shaped with red and white icing. One is a large-size non-branded shape of Hershey's kisses with gray icing. One is a chocolate-dipped strawberry. The last has the word "love" on it.
Valentine’s Day Cookies

I was given these cookies by my brother, who has a bakery on his route. The baker is nice, since she gifts him yummy cookies on occasion. On the left is a packet of cookies she gave him for Valentine’s Day.

These cookies are so cute! The texture on the icing is an added bonus for presentation. Interestingly, the icing has some crunch, while the cookie is soft and buttery. They make a wonderful pair.

The cookies below was a gift from Christmas last year. They have a nature or autumn theme and were in a cute brown box laying comfortably on a bed of brown packing material. There were two packets in the box, but I ate a packet before snapping a photo. Oops.

There are 3 cookies in this packet. One is a red apple with a smiley face. One is a tree. The last one is questionable, since it looks like a chicken drumstick.
Nature or Autumn Cookies

I asked my brother that if he sees the baker to please get her business card for me, so I can include it in a post. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, my brother and the baker do not meet face-to-face.

If you recognize who created these cookies, please share!

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