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Floral Art with Ice Cream Boxes

Earlier this month, there was an opening to teach an upcycling class to elementary students at one of my places of employment. Of course, we are still in the throes of this pandemic (COVID-19), so the class would be taught online.

I work well with my hands since I was a kid, and adding jewelry making to my list of hands-on activities, upcycling is going to be another huge world to explore.

This is my first post on Trash to Treasures, and the foundation will start with my favorite project. I used an ice cream box to create art. These few images are flower-related since I like flowers. These projects have two patterns on each petal – a navy exterior with gold “+” and “-” patterns on them, and a shiny gold color interior reflecting the background. I made short petals and long petals.

In the first design is of a lotus flower, some of the “+” and “-” signs can be seen with the front view. These signs are clearer on the second image with a diagonal view.

The next design was created by turning the points in the opposite directions. The result is a five-petal flower with a stem. The short petals are the actual petals while the long petal is a stem.

This design using part of an ice cream box, this flower has five petals by using shorter pieces made while a stem is inserted with a longer piece or petal made. The flower is placed diagonally across the center of the piece of cardstock on tissue paper as the background.
Flower with Stem

The last design of this post is designed to be a frame. The flower extends beyond the canvas intentionally for style, with the remaining space for the artist to fill. This is my favorite design because of the freedom it allows each artist, painting an original piece or pasting an existing one, to create something so elegant.

This design has the similar assembly of a lotus flower. Instead of placing the flower in the center (as presented in another image), this one is strategically placed on the top right corner of the cardstock (with tissue paper in the background). The flower covers about one-third of the cardstock, and most of the petals are off of the cardstock, creating an elegant detail to the piece. With the remaining space, the artists or possessor can paste an image of their choice or paint one to fill the canvas.
Flower Corner Frame

I hope I have inspired some creativity within you, especially with the use of something you would have discarded without a second thought.

*Sneak peak, my next post will feature animals.

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