A series of poems inspired by something.

This set of tanka is inspired by the book, Nefarious Crimes, Contested Justice, by Dr. Joanne Ferarro.  This book is about 1500s-1700s Venice where men (fathers and other relatives and priests) take advantage (rape, molest, sex) of girls and women, and how the judicial system investigates these cases.

*Note the names of the people are changed in my poems from the book.

Bestial Crime

Pushed, threatened, gagged, stabbed
“GET OUT OF ME!” I cried.  “STOP!”
Father, I’m 14
Shoved, gagged, stabbed 8 months onward
Infant wails in the sewer

Bette and Beatrice

My beloved Bette
Beatrice in your image
Insatiable hhhhhhhh… [someone exhaling]
Stained deathbed. Please have mercy
Father, please, please confess me


Where is Gloria?
5, 6 months have passed.  Night screams
Gloria is round
She’s wet and hurt.  Push, scream, cries
Father please confess me now

Wife’s Words

Hear me podestà
My husband, unnatural
Anal sex with me
Front way with our daughter
Burn him, Counsel! Burn him now!

Servant vs. Nobleman

Curse my poor lot here
Man of faith penetrates me
Salma, be careful
Justice.  Podestà.  LIAR!
Curse my poor lot in Venice

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