Domestic Violence

Clamor to Silence

My constant pain numbs me

You strike me
You blind me
You paralyze me
You suffocate me

I am damaged
My brain tells me to give up
My heart tells me to continue resisting your terrorism
I am considering ending it all

You deserve constant pain
You deserve humiliation
You deserve slow torture
You deserve to be paralyzed

You DON’T deserve sympathy

Compare You to Who?

Shall I compare thee to ObL?

Old, frail, and useless
You terrorize a nation
Enslave daughters and coerce sons
To execute your orders
You are not important

Found in your compound
Hunted by a force of the
Expected and unexpected
Evil past comprehension
Drowned in a sea of blood

How soon will there be peace?

Bird Without Wings

I’m exhausted from fighting. When will it end? Neither side wants to lose. I should forfeit for the benefit of the world

I wish to sleep away my worries
But tranquility is only temporary
Abuse and torture
Like ravaging vultures
It returns…It always does
Spurts of freedom is never enough
I am greedy, thirsty, and hungry
Destroy the world with your tyranny
What will you do without slaves to rule?

There is no higher force, no higher being
If there were, so many bad things wouldn’t happen
The higher force/being is believed to be benevolent
Despite all the worst that humanity can be realized
Mercy and benevolence should be implemented to save the innocent – at least
The innocent suffers grave injustices, abuses, torture, and dies
If rescues occurred, why does it take so long?

The higher force/being is believed to be all-seeing and all-knowing
Time is of the essence in most cases
So why let the innocent suffer injustice, abuse, and torture?
Why allow the innocent to die like nothing happened?
The higher force/being is believed to be all-powerful
If prevention could not be done, why not rescue in a timely manner?
Does humanity suffering injustice, abuse, and torture amuse this higher force/being?

Higher force/being does not exist
Do not waste your time
Give up, don’t give up – it’s up to you
Just be good

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