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Gave up on Zoom Problems

I’ve been having problems with Zoom since this summer. After approximately four months of back and forth with Zoom support agents, I gave up. I know I need more specialized technical help, but that’s not something Zoom will permit, so I gave up.

I’m not proud to give up, since I’m someone who will teach myself something, master it, and teach it to others. I can read, research, and apply. I am also an avid user of trial and error, so it was really hard to give up.

The last message my support agent wrote said they believed it was the antivirus software that’s causing the problems, so they instructed me to disable one my antivirus software. First, I had Zoom problems a month before I installed a new antivirus software, so in my opinion, Zoom is the cause. The other is receiving these scary warnings about disabling or uninstalling antivirus software. I’m not in the security or technology field, so I am ill-equipped for these things especially when things go wrong. These are sentiments that I’ve written before and no one has ever given me any assurances to fix or save my system if a virus got in while I was trying to fix Zoom.

In the end, solving Zoom problems weren’t worth it to me. It also shows that Zoom needs a better way to address problems that their customers experience (yes, I have a paid account through work). Support agents were always respectful and courteous in writing.

If you have complex problems like me, you need live support or someone very experienced in the field in the same room as you to do it. I’d even go as far as getting a contract just in case the person assisting you forgot to install your antivirus software after they fix your problems, and you get a virus or your computer is held for ransom by a hacker. These after-the-fact problems are real and very expensive and difficult to address.


2 thoughts on “Gave up on Zoom Problems

    1. Sorry for the late reply. I was off WP.
      Thanks for the suggestion. The issue is getting everyone in my circles to accommodate me with Google Meet (and have some sign up for Gmail). Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening.

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