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Posting Everyday is Becoming Difficult

Nov. 12, 2022

At NanoPoblano’s opening this year, I’m glad to read that I am not alone, trying to reach 30 posts for the month of November, and scheduling as many posts as I can, before something happens.

For me, I’m running out of ideas. I want to write quality posts, but I can’t always do that because of time constraints and other demands that take precedent.

Icon for NanoPoblano 2022. Spicy red chile with very cool geometric designs in a few red hues on the exterior create a cool visual effect, like it's shiny. The same concept is applied to the stem as well. 2022 is written on the pepper's curvature and along the stem.

I also want to vary the topics that I post so they are interesting for readers, like, What am I going to find today on Read & Write Here? Part of participating in a blogging challenge and visiting other bloggers is the creativity that’s showcased and the variety. I don’t want to be the blog that no one wants to visit. Now, if you find something that works for you, great! I have a few things in the pipeline and then I’m back to looking for ideas and time.

My primary stressor right now is work, and I don’t have the bandwidth to produce posts with greater quality. As exhaustion and pressure continue to dig, my creativity dies as well.

So, for bloggers who are able to visit me more frequently, I am amazed at your excellent time management skills, and I thank you for your encouragement. You may still see me posting daily, but these are scheduled. Don’t worry, I will have more time as we approach Thanksgiving, and I will do my duty to reciprocate. (My gravatar is the swirly pink and black one. If you click on it, it takes you to Elle’s Adventure in China, my other blog that’s being neglected).

What’s your state of mind or current situation for NanoPoblano?


15 thoughts on “Posting Everyday is Becoming Difficult

    1. I’ve noticed your participation in the song challenge coinciding with NanoPoblano. I don’t listen to music much these days, nonetheless, your writing is very engaging and you’re exposing me to songs I’ve never heard of.


  1. My current situation is that I’ve got all of November scheduled already. And, like you, I found coming up with ideas difficult. That’s why more than one of my posts, like today’s, is what I call a “cheap” post. It’s technically a new post, but it highlights something I’ve already posted or published already.

    If you’re still having trouble coming up with new post ideas, something my brother has done before is find a random question generator and making a post where you answer those questions.

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    1. I’ve also done cheap/cheat posts in the past, and I try limiting them. This post is an example of a cheap/cheat post, also, not something I would normally post if inspiration struck. Thanks for the suggestion on random question generator. I’ll try that when I get stuck, which is approx. Thursday.


      1. I don’t like doing the cheap posts either, but I don’t know if I would’ve finished a month’s worth of posts without doing at least a few of them. I realize that there’d be no repercussions if I didn’t come up with enough posts, but I’m making more of an effort to finish what I start. I have a number of stories that I began writing and have given up on for a variety of reasons. I don’t want to do that anymore unless I have to.

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      2. I like how we’re doing our best to reach a tough goal, Revis. I participated in NanoPoblano in 2020 and 2021 and knew I would not have been able to reach 30 posts without cheap posts. I admire how committed you are to publishing high quality content. I’ve noticed lots of imagery, action, and creativity. As a writer, your stories look effortless, which shows you spent a lot of time making them effortless for readers. I am excited to read what else you have.


      3. Thank you for your praise. I try to make sure that what I post is worth the time of anyone willing to read what I write. It means a lot to me that you think my posts are, especially since I can tell how much you care about what you read and write.

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      4. You’ve earned it. So far in the challenge, I do most of my visiting at night when my brain is exhausted and it’s difficult to concentrate. On multiple occasions, I read a your longer stories, and I found myself focused until the end, such as the story with the guy who was experimented on, who became a hero when he saved the lady with his nipple. I’ve certainly never read anything like that before.

        Twindaddy also has a lot of good stuff. I think he’s so brave to share some of the more personal topics, such as the song that reminds him of his/your mom. To me, it’s really scary to share something and someone so close, and again, he’s so brave to do it.

        I, too, aim to post content that’s worthy of readers’ time. All of us have a finite amount of time, so we should make it count when we’re spending reading/online. You are correct, I care about what I read and write. I’m a teacher in real life, so my goal is to post content that is educational in some form, if not explicitly, at least implicitly.


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