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Zoom Troubles Still Unresolved

Nov. 5, 2022

Since my last post on the issues I experienced with Zoom, they still persist, unfortunately.

I was transferred to a more senior-level Zoom support agent. After about 20 emails back and forth, downloading the latest version of Zoom, this and that, I was offered live support via Zoom…and then it was taken away from me. Live support would’ve been amazing, and might’ve actually fixed my problem(s).

Turns out, live support was rescinded because they assumed that I needed help with my free Zoom account…which I do, and my work account also doesn’t work. My personal email is attached to a free Zoom account, whereas my work email goes to a paid account. When the first support agent (live chat) asked for the best email to reach me, I typed my personal email as well as my work email, and continued the conversation with my personal email because I check it more frequently, hence the best email. Even after clarifying this and sharing my work email so they can check, live Zoom support remains out of reach.

I’m now on my third support agent. This person introduced themself as a Technical Support Engineer. This person wants to start with a clean slate; I understand why, so I’m not as frustrated as I could be. If I am transferred to a fourth support agent, I’d summarize, ask them to close the ticket, so I can start a new ticket with my work email, to get live Zoom support. I’m one week away from being two months into Zoom support without a solution and with every support agent asking for the same information, so forgive me for trying something new.

Do you have Zoom problems, too?


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