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July Update

Hi All,

This update will be brief because I’m writing this very late at night and I have an early day tomorrow…and I’m growing tired by the minute.

With O Kim, nothing has really changed. I closed my Amazon account soon after (possibly the same day) I wrote my previous update on selling jewelry and upcycled things online. Amazon was just too much time and effort for something that won’t produce results, and doesn’t fit where my business is. I had one sale on Etsy, and a friend bought that, so that sale doesn’t count. Goimagine also has no sales. In sum, online sales is unchanged.

I sold at another in-person event last month on Father’s Day weekend. It was a very last-minute decision, so last minute that I got the last spot a few days prior to the event. There was a list of items that vendors needed to have, including an unusual required item – sandbags. Because there’s no rain during late spring/early summer, so there’s no need to have sandbags, so where am I going to get sandbags? For those who want to know why sandbags are required, the only thing I could come up with is to prevent our canopy from flying away, and if that is the purpose of sandbags, I think the organizer should have been more flexible with what vendors could use to reduce cost and time searching for this. By the way, sandbags come without sand.

I implemented the changes I wanted to make from the last time I sold at an event, and expected to go into this event with much better odds at profiting. I reduced the price of almost all of my items. I was a better sales person. I had more jewelry displays so more can be seen. I made more jewelry for men and unisex individuals (it was Father’s Day weekend, after all). The event was in a wealthier neighborhood than the last event, and it had ample parking. The list goes on.

It was a pretty big investment to buy more jewelry displays and required big items, primarily tables and canopy, but in the end, it was a huge loss.

I surmise that the biggest factor that stopped people from buying something is inflation. With less money to spend, shoppers are looking around and making sure they buy something that’s worth their money or what they can afford. The second biggest factor that stopped people from making a purchase was there were many more jewelry makers. At the April event, I was one of three selling jewelry, but at the June event, I was one of a dozen selling jewelry.

Just another event with food for thought.

It’s really late and one of my future posts will be about Johns Hopkins this summer. If it’s not too late to see Where the Crawdads Sing, I’ll write a review for the movie as well. So a couple of things to look forward to.

Alright. Good night.


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