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Mom is the reason why we’re here. Mom also loves us unconditionally, will do anything for us, and models perseverance no matter the challenge. Let’s celebrate!

Mother’s Day is coming faster than I can prepare for, nonetheless, I am still having a promotion as promised.

As you consider all of your choices, I hope you pick jewelry to show your mom how much you appreciate her.

Free shipping on all orders $75 or more!

Additionally, I know that every family is different. If you are celebrating anyone else who took such great care of you, consider Mother’s Day to celebrate them, too. That’s why this promotion is in effect for all jewelry, not just women’s jewelry.

There is also a …

10% discount for all cards!

I made these cards by hand, painstakingly cutting and trimming with scissors, and finally gluing every piece. Every card is beautifully unique, upcycled from boxes. This is one way that I can be sustainable and produce less waste. My jewelry boxes are also made from recycled materials so they can be recycle afterwards.

  • Card has Black Stars pattern. Card has strips of the box used glued diagonally. Primarily black background, white dots and words.
  • Card has Dreams pattern. Card has strips of the box used glued diagonally. Shades of blue, lavender, yellow, gray, and white. Dreamy.
  • Card has Postcard pattern. Card is divided in half, with horizontal strips glued on the left side, simulating water/waves. The left side has a cloudy blue background with small dark yellow and beige chevrons. The right side of the card has vertical strips, simulating water plants. Right side background color is lavender, with dark purple and yellow for thin water plants.
  • Card has Coffee pattern. Card has strips of the box glued vertically in the middle with shorter strips glued horizontally on either side of the vertical strips. Brown, dark brown, beige, and some silver and white detail.
  • Card has Black Tie pattern. Card has strips of the box used glued diagonally. Primarily black stripes with a few white stripes, and white dots and words.

Promotion runs from today to Wednesday May 4th. Promotion ends on may 4th to ensure that it arrives by Sunday; there’s more time if you would like to pick it up locally.

Check me out on Etsy and goimagine!

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