Trash to Treasure


This upcycling piece had someone’s name on it – Vivian – because she was kind enough to store something important to me at her residence for two months. It quickly became tempting to have and it was taking up space, so it needed to go…fast.

Due to Vivian’s kindness, I hope she likes what I made for her. She likes birds, especially parrots and cockatiels, which this is why I made a parrot.

You might be saying, “Leanne, I think you’re missing something.”

When I made it, I didn’t have enough time to create it with greater detail (more pieces to show feathers, glitter, etc.), so I settled on a parrot’s primary attributes, which required more imagination than my other pieces. This is the most difficult piece I’ve done. In my previous works, I got to play with the pieces until they came together as something appealed to me. However, in this case, it needed to accurately represent something.

I used a snack box as a canvas (one of the larger ones I have) and an ice cream box for the parrot.

Vivian can hang it or hide it.

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