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What do you like most about your writing?

I like that I’m evolving the most, especially when I write fiction. My attempt at fiction came after I earned my B.A., and writing non-fiction in college where everything needs to be cited, organized, and explicit makes for a very difficult transition to fiction. My quality of writing has improved, since the more I write and practice creativity, the better they are.

Recently, I made a commitment to write fiction that is inclusive. I didn’t pay attention prior to this goal, as I was focused on telling stories.

People with Disabilities

Missing – A Short Story touches on physical disabilities. I don’t have any characters with a cognitive disability. These are conditions that I do not want to portray incorrectly. Those in these communities already have a tough time, and they don’t need someone without sufficient experience and research to inadequately portray members of their community in writing.

Race and Ethnicity

I did not think that a character’s race and ethnicity were present for the majority of my stories, but when I read my work, it turns out that I was wrong. My characters have a range of backgrounds, and the range can still increase. Check out my flash fiction posts with #writephoto tag and flash fiction tag. Most of my stories are relatable to every culture because they’re part of the human experience. Some of my popular posts are those that involve death of a loved one. Aflame, about an arranged marriage and death, is one of my favorites.


The couples that I have written about are heterosexual. I intend to write more fiction to include this community. Missing – A Short Story also touches upon LGBTQ+ in the background. The LGBTQ+ community is so vibrant and diverse like any culture, and a lot of the time, they are role models to be authentic, to have fun in our skin, and to be fearless.


My comfort topic in writing has been age and death. Characters of all ages die in my stories, and for realistic reasons. With the realistic reasons why characters die, I want readers to think about their actions and change them as needed. Driving and arguing. Poisoning a loved one. Doing something stupid. The list goes on, and there’s a very good chance that a story you read involves death. The only way to evolve in this section is to let characters die of unrealistic causes.

Bloganuary Day 8 Done!

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