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Wish you Knew how to Do

What is something you wish you knew how to do?

I’m amending the question to, “What is something you wish you knew how to do well?”

Photography is a skill that I still haven’t found the formula to do well. I see something I like or think is cool and snap a photo. Quick. Easy peasy. I only learned that my skill in photography was inadequate, because I need to photograph my jewelry that accurately depicts what buyers see.

Good Lighting

The key ingredient to good photographs is good lighting. I’ve photographed indoors in front of a window with sunlight shining through. This is a hit or miss depending on the time of day. I also don’t understand why I have a light blue filter when blue is not around. Yes, I’ve checked my filters, and it’s not the culprit.

I’ve also photographed outside when it’s sunny (third photo above). This is too bright, thus, not good. I’ve photographed indoors on a sunny day in front of a window with a lamp shining on it. That creates confusion because the light sources have different brightness, so that’s bad, too. So … I haven’t figured out the formula for taking good photos with good lighting.


Photography is something I still struggle to master but I also try to look on the bright side – I’m improving and not all photos are bad.

We live and learn.

Bloganuary Day 5 Done!

8 thoughts on “Wish you Knew how to Do

  1. It was good that you chose an achievable goal! These days there are so many cheats or filters with photography. You might see what food bloggers recommend since they have to make their dishes look amazing.

    How long have you been making jewelry? 🙂

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    1. The achievable goal sounds like it’s really far away! 😀 I have spent lamented about photography in multiple posts. Do you have any filters that you recommend?

      I can’t get over how so many food bloggers (and those with cookbooks in recent years) make their dishes look like this interesting quality – if I know the dish, it evokes a taste and aroma. If haven’t tasted and smelled the dish, I can imagine what it smells like based on what the ingredients are.

      I have been making jewelry since 2018.

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      1. Cool. No filters to recommend, just whatever’s available on IG or if I go into Photoshop or GIMP there are ways to ‘clean up’ your pics or boost quality. At this point, I’m sure there are free online sites that allow you to fix your photos…

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