Education and Beyond

They Appear

Just days ago, I posted my 300th post milestone here, and recounted my aspirations and if I achieved them. Surprisingly, I write today that two of those things have appeared since that post, like the universe is presenting these opportunities so I can do them.

Bloganuary 2022 badge.  The tip of a fountain pen is pointing up in the center of scalloped ribbon.
Bloganuary Badge

For example, I wanted to participate in at least one new blogging event, but did not do that. Well, WP News launched Bloganuary, and it sounds similar to Daily Prompt, if you remember what it was. There would be a prompt everyday, and bloggers who participated responded however it fits them and/or their blog. There’s no wrong answer to the prompt. Participants also get to network and check out other bloggers and see what they post. With Bloganuary, it’s happening in January, so not that far into the future. As I’m writing this, I can participate but not knowing what might come unexpectedly might change how often (or if) I can participate. Ahh, the joys of uncertainty.

I also wrote about being a trainer in the District where my clubs belong. Now I get a chance to actively participate at the Area level – being a Test Speaker at one or two Area Contests on the same day. A Test Speaker is only needed when there is an Evaluation Contest, where the contestants are evaluating the speech I gave and my delivery of that speech. From the last ones I attended, the Test Speaker is also briefly interviewed by the Toastmaster of the contest. Dun-dun-dun-dun! You guessed it. I will be giving a speech in front of a crowd with their cameras off and mics muted (my District is conducting contests online). I will be writing my speech as soon as I have a chance and practice as much as I can ahead of the contest. I might even tell you how it goes. Time to line up my pens.

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