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300th Post

Yesterday, I composed my 300th post on Read and Write Here. It was about 13 months ago when I reached my previous milestone of my 200th blog post. Let’s compare.

The time to reach the next hundredth post has decreased. It took approximately 15 months to get from my 100th to 200th post, and took approximately 13 months to get from my 200th to 300th post. As of late, I’ve been posting things that are going on in my life, a fair amount being my experience and frustrations as I do something new.


Last time, I wrote that I was making strides in my Toastmasters career, joining two clubs, holding leadership positions in both, and did a good job in both roles.

I chose not to seek re-election as Secretary, and had a difficult time finding my successor. All of them cited that my shoes are big to fill and would be difficult to do the role as I had. I reassured them (and the club when I gave a speech about how I executed the role) that they are their own person and should create their own path instead of follow mine. This is something that I intend to tell my VPE successor, whoever that will be.

Because I executed both roles well, people say that my successor has big shoes to fill. But in reality, if someone executes the role as outlined in the Club Leadership Handbook, they would be fine. Every club is different. As VPE, I did extra because some situations warranted that, and sometimes I made things better because it was a better way to get that particular task done.

As I embark on being a businesswoman, I am looking for a Toastmasters club for entrepreneurs. This would better serve my business goals and I know that I need guidance with this. A mentor would be very helpful at this stage.

Fiction Blogging

I haven’t done much of fiction blogging lately, because my posts are overwhelmed by other content. Additionally, because my attention has been given to other things, I also feel less inspired to write creatively.

Here are my two most recent fiction posts:

My goal for fiction blogging is to return to it. I think it’s too ambitious for one story a week, so I’ll figure something out. Missing – A Short Story features diverse characters, so being more inclusive is what I aim to have when writing fiction, because reflecting diversity should be the norm.

Other Goals

These are my goals last time:

  • District training on being Secretary
  • More posts on hand-crafted items
  • Participating in at least one new writing challenge

District training on being Secretary – I’ve met others who do the job better and who are more knowledgeable about the role. I also don’t have a passion for it.

More posts on hand-crafted items – Now this is something that I have more posts.

I’m working on an upcycling project for the holidays that I would like to post some time next week. However, given how much time these things can take, I don’t know how consistent this will be in the future, though. Origami posts are photo-intensive, so they take a lot of space in my media folder, which I prefer to be filled with other things. Jewelry is well…filled with experience and ire. “It’s a whole new world,” they say.

Participating in at least one new writing challenge – Unfortunately, I didn’t do this one. However, while checking out other bloggers for NanoPoblano, I spotted a challenge that one blogger did – an A-Z Challenge. I don’t recall all the rules, but participants would post every weekday in April, which should fill the 26 letters of the alphabet for each participating day. So rain check on this one and I’ll see what I’m dealing with around that time.

I think I’ve got my work cut out for me this time around, so I’m not setting new goals. I would like to add reading, since I haven’t read for pleasure in what feels like a very long time, as my days are filled with reading things that I need to know. Therefore, the two I have (more fiction blogging and participate in one new writing challenge) are good enough.

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