Wrap Bracelet for Men

In the past, I have written that I strive to be inclusive when designing and making jewelry. One way that I want to be inclusive is designing and making jewelry for men. In addition, these pieces can also be worn by either gender and non-conforming individual. It’s more difficult for me to design and make jewelry for men, because men in my life don’t wear jewelry and I don’t have non-binary friends to ask for guidance and preference. Nonetheless, I will not be deterred and will continue to do my best.

I finally made this bracelet beyond the prototype stage: Adjustable Hematite and Serpentine Wrap Bracelet

Photo shows the magnetic hematite bracelet with the sun shining on it. The faceted hematite shines back brightly and the colors and textures of serpentine are shown.
Adjustable Hematite and Serpentine Wrap Bracelet
  • It’s made with four simple materials: magnetic hematite (black), serpentine (green), gold filled crimp beads, and water-resistant wire
    • Hematite is faceted and magnetic
    • Serpentine is faceted
    • Serpentine is natural stone so color and inclusions vary
    • Serpentine is hand-cut so slight size differences may occur
  • The wrap bracelet is about two feet long and closes with magnetic hematite beads, so it can fit everyone as a bracelet and can also be worn as a necklace
  • There are 95 beads (24 hematite and 71 serpentine)

The Adjustable Hematite and Serpentine Wrap Bracelet may look familiar because I have a similar wrap bracelet for women.

Wrap bracelet for women is about 22 inches long. There are 2 strawberry-lemon square beads, 18 faceted magnetic hematite beads (black), 17 fire opal Swarovski beads (orange, yellow), and 170 glow in the dark pink seed beads (glows green).
Adjustable Magnetic Wrap Bracelet

I have several color combinations at home that I like to match with my outfits. During the summer, I can wear them as anklets, too. When I’m going out at night, I like to wear the glow-in-the dark ones, so I’m easier to spot.

The wrap bracelet on the left has pink glow-in-the-dark beads – 170 of them. The orange/yellow beads between the pink ones are Swarovski fire opal. Since fire opal is a unique color combination, the closest color I found to these are the strawberry-lemon from a Japanese brand, and they’re at both ends of the bracelet.

In length, the women’s wrap bracelet is about 22 inches long. Wrapping this bracelet with 3 layers is equivalent to a person who fits a 7-inch bracelet. If a person has a slender wrist, they can adjust it to 3 layers on one side and 4 layers on the opposite side. In winter, this can be wrapped outside of a coat sleeve so the wearer is visible.

The multi-function of these wrap bracelets are why they are my go-to accessory.

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