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M.A. Richter, Author Interview

Nov. 29, 2021

A special post for those who are considering being an author. I was honored with an interview with award-winning author, M.A. Richter. Richter’s debut novel, Mystic Prince, recently won Firebird Book Awards for Best Epic Fiction and Best New Novel First Published, each category containing a specific set of criteria.

Mystic Prince Summary

Khael is a prince who is trying to regain his throne from a usurper, who is (surprisingly) unrelated to him. Khael is also a mystic, and his abilities allow him to do several things that readers typically do not see in Fantasy novels or superhero powers. When his ring was stolen by Vixen, one of his powers allowed him to mentally compel her to return it; all he would have to do was be patient. Another power allowed him to scan the area he was in, and he can increase the range outward and upward. This ability would prove to be an asset when checking for traps and enemies.

After returning his ring, Vixen would become Khael’s comrade through a contract and earned trust as they inconspicuously return to Shielin to reclaim Khael’s throne. Along the way, they encounter bad guys, good guys, and a lot of uncertainty, because they didn’t know who was loyal to Khael and who was loyal to the usurper. Another aspect of uncertainty is not knowing if Khael would be caught and killed.


* Responses have been summarized with the author’s contributions

Why did you become an author?

I had an amazingly influential English teacher in high school. One of the assignments was to write something everyday, and I learned that I enjoyed the process of writing. I really like to create things, such as theories around hyperspace travel. I once wrote a science fiction novel but lost the manuscript.

I still believe that Lord of the Rings is the best Fantasy series, and Harry Potter is a close second. My kids convinced me to get Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and because the kids liked to listen, and through reading to them, I became very interested in the world, and immediately bought each of the next books when they became available. I bought four copies of the last three books, one for each family member. So, when I decided to become an author, I knew my book would be Fantasy Adventures.

What inspired you to become an author?

I was inspired to write Fantasy because of playing Fantasy games, such as Empire of the Petal Throne and RuneQuest. One of the aspects that I was fascinated with in Empire of the Petal Throne was the languages within. The creator was a linguist (as was Tolkien, who invented multiple languages in the Lord of the Rings). As much as I like to play these games, it doesn’t work to make a story of an adventure when writing a book. I liked the magic and skills, however, narrative chronicling of a gaming adventure was like reading an adventure that lacked depth and realism. In Fantasy Adventures, anything can happen!

A red box against a brick wall says, "In case of boredom break glass." Inside the case is the book, Mystic Prince.

What can readers expect from your next book?

The primary romance advances. Readers learn more about the main characters, more history of the planet, with exciting mini-adventures. There is personal growth and a more spiritual aspect. While Mystic Prince is not too adult-oriented, the sequel is spicier (but not pornographic), and deal with deeper and more adult-related issues, such as how we deal with people who have been abused.

What advice do you have for those who want to become authors?

If something in the writing makes the reader put the book down, there’s no guarantee that the reader will pick the book back up. The story needs to be compelling enough without stumbling blocks built in, which will deter readers from reading the book.

Another piece of advice is that we want to avert conflict in our everyday lives. On the contrary, conflict is why people want to read the book. Along the way, there has to be conflict or tension to make the reader want to continue reading.

There is a whole universe with a ton of information about these characters to make them more realistic (three-dimensional) and build tension. Doing the author’s edit and asking, does this character or plot add enough to the story? Or can it be vague to fulfill its part without specifics, such as a name? It’s like having a speaking role vs. being in the background.

How do you find people to read your book and provide feedback?

I belong to a number of author critique groups, and I find beta readers there. I can also find beta readers at Goodreads and BooksShelf.

Are you concerned about authors stealing your ideas?

I used to be. In general, I believe fiction writers are less likely to steal ideas from other fiction writers because they want to write their story.

If you haven’t purchased your copy of Mystic Prince, you can do that on Amazon.

You can also join M.A. Richter’s Professional Facebook Page.

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  1. I liked this post on interviewing an author. Thanks for introducing Mr.Richter. I love to read fantasy books like Harry Potter, Lord of the rings and such books. It takes you to a whole another world. Will read this book when I get a chance.

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