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Shop Small Businesses

Nov. 27, 2021

Shop Small Business Quotes. QuotesGram

I am at it again, talking about shopping at small businesses.

When you shop at small businesses, it makes a greater impact than at big box stores. Because small business owners know that dollar amount makes a greater impact for them, they are more likely to make business and personal purchases at other small businesses. This creates a cycle of money circulating among small businesses.

Additionally, when you shop at small businesses, you often get better customer service, better name and face recognition, and better results for what you paid. At big stores, management is often too far from customers to see customers as individuals. Instead, management at big stores often see customers as a number or a demographic to target their marketing.

Lastly, when you support small businesses, you are proving that those individuals who risked so much to pursue their dreams. Your purchasing power can be very impactful. I encourage you to flex your purchasing power at small businesses, not just today but throughout the year.

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