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Friday Butterfly

Nov. 12, 2021

Butterfly is surrounded by blue and blue-green triangles with yellow stripes. Ribbon glued to the back, so this piece can be hung.
Blue-Green Butterfly

I upcycled this butterfly for my friend this summer. It’s made from a tissue box. *120 tissues were discarded for this process* It’s also relatively small so she can hang it on a cabinet knob if she didn’t have the desk or wall space for this.

After temping at an apartment complex for a month or two, the current owner offered her a permanent position. This is exciting news for most people, so let me list her primary concerns.

  • Long commute – The apartment complex is 45 min. to 1 hour away from her home. This lengthy travel time also means she’s spending a lot more money to put gas in her car, and the wear and tear on her car. Additionally, more time on the road means she’s more likely to get into an accident
  • New owner – She was hopeful that another owner has bought the complex and will be taking over in a couple of weeks. But this uncertainty also means she didn’t know if things, such as the salary that she negotiated and her responsibilities, will stay the same
  • Deadly residents – This complex houses a certain demographic, so residents often pass away in their apartments. My friend will learn of this in different ways, such as from another resident requesting a wellness check on their friend and not taking a note on the door inside
  • The only one in the office – this is a complex with over 100 residents, so she is responsible for addressing these residents’ needs and requests

This came at a time when she told me these things, and I tried to be supportive by giving this to her with a nice note saying something to the effect of, I admire you for reinventing yourself, because this wasn’t her first choice after graduating from a design school.

After a few days of consideration, my friend accepted the job and said that she would try it for 3 months and see how it goes.

Have you tried something for a trial period?

NanoPoblano Day 12 Done!

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