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Mystic Prince – Review

If you like Fantasy novels, Mystic Prince is a book to add to your To-Read List.

About the Author

M. A. Richter has been a fan of Fantasy and Science Fiction genres for a very long time. If you like Narnia and Lord of the Rings, so does he. He began writing novels in high school, and finally put his hat in the ring with all the greats with his debut novel, Mystic Prince.


Khael is a prince who is trying to regain his throne from a usurper, who is (surprisingly) unrelated to him. Khael is also a mystic, and his abilities allow him to do several things that readers typically do not see in Fantasy novels or superhero powers. When his ring was stolen by Vixen, one of his powers allowed him to mentally compel her to return it; all he would have to do was be patient. Another power allowed him to scan the area he was in, and he can increase the range outward and upward. This ability would prove to be an asset when checking for traps and enemies.

After returning his ring, Vixen would become Khael’s comrade through a contract and earned trust as they inconspicuously return to Shielin to reclaim Khael’s throne. Along the way, they encounter bad guys, good guys, and a lot of uncertainty, because they didn’t know who was loyal to Khael and who was loyal to the usurper. Another aspect of uncertainty is not knowing if Khael would be caught and killed.

Book cover for Mystic Prince. The front cover has a small silver crown with detailed etchings on the exterior. There is also a scepter or staff in teal and silver going through the crown. The background has a mysterious ambiance, with dark violets in what appears to be clouds and a moon. The back cover, like the front cover, has the title and author - Mystic Prince by M.A. Richter. The back cover also has a short description: "Prince Khael Stratton returns from a mission for the King to find the small northern state that he rules in a condition of unrest. Now he must regain his signet ring from the lovely young street urchin who stole it and return home to restore peace and justice to his homeland before destruction ensues."
Mystic Prince by M.A. Richter

Three Main Aspects that I Like

The first one has already been mentioned, and that’s the uncertainties Khael and Vixen face. The uncertainty creates suspense that keeps readers guessing.

The second aspect is the unfolding of the main characters. Due to Vixen’s blurry upbringing, readers learn as much about her and her past as Khael does. It’s not pretty. Khael, on the other hand, unfolds by abilities, family, and knowledge. Although he is a mystic, his abilities are not innate; he must practice each discipline to develop them. His family is quite interesting. His knowledge of everything they encounter would prove to be extremely useful.

The third item I like are Richter’s descriptions in the book. The wonderful imagery Richter paints for his readers throughout the book, as well as the comparisons are worth noting. One example of imagery is when Khael asked to see Vixen’s pendant and the pendant had a negative reaction to him.

A glow leaked out between his fingers. He opened his fists but held one hand between himself and the growing blaze in the other. The flare in his hand erupted into a blinding, thunderous blast.

– p. 74-75

This example of imagery is when Khael asks Vixen to recall deeper into her memory of the children she played with and she couldn’t see them. She could see their fiery hair and hazel eyes but

Their faces faded to blandness, like unfinished paper dolls, the background gone.

– p. 287

Here are a couple more descriptions that hit the reader, even without context.

Cool air burned her throat and lungs.

– p. 219

A fierce hollow of ice spiked in the pit of his stomach.

– p. 260

Two Things that I Disliked

There were unnecessary use of prepositions that annoyed me and a few small sentence errors, but these are not so frequent that I couldn’t read the book. I understand that the use of prepositions is a part of the author’s style. In addition, a significant portion of the population unnecessarily use prepositions in speech and writing, so I know unnecessary uses of prepositions will annoy those who recognize them, but not others.

Additionally, I found some small character and story issues that I couldn’t justify. I brought them to Richter’s attention and he has addressed the ones he thought appropriate to adjust for the re-release of Mystic Prince, along with the sentence errors I found.

More about the Author

If you have rare access to an author, see how they respond when you inform them of something they may not like, but it’s intended to help them in good faith. Richter was very nice and professional with me. I was able to share my insight with him as a reader, and he took the information in a professional way. I also received the opportunity to ask him about certain characters and plots. Although I wasn’t given details, I have enough insider information to be excited about Richter’s next book.

Get your copy today on Amazon and stay tuned for the next book in the series.

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