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Insurrection on January 6, 2021

I knew violence was coming; actually, I predicted fire and didn’t want to be right. I watched the insurrection on TV as it happened, as many people did. I was hurt but didn’t know what to say, except to inform people to watch the crazy thing happening in DC.

It has been more than a week and I still struggle to articulate my thoughts in a well-organized manner. (Steven Glassman was able to articulate his thoughts with some choice words). The best thing for me to do right now is to compile articles from reputable sources as we learn more about this horrific event. Let us start by calling the event what it is:

a domestic terrorist attack, an insurrection, and an attack on democracy.

Eventually we may have closure.

I aim to be diverse with my sources. My main sources include NPR, Reuters, and NBC News. If you do not deem these sources to be trustworthy and unbiased, feel free to move on.

I will continually update this post until I feel it is complete. It will be available as the top post in the “Blog” category.


The Orange One

“The Orange One” is the nicest name I can call him.

Congress People who Still Voted to not Certify President-Elect Joe Biden’s Victory after the Insurrection

They may or may not be afraid for their lives.

Everyone Else

The Orange One’s die-hard, unquestioning loyalists are gullible. Highly susceptible to believe the most outlandish and outrageous things and act upon them.


This exodus is more pronounced, another marker of how The Orange One is losing everyone and everything.

  • Health and Human Services Secretary, Alex Azar / Jan. 15, 2021 / NBC News
  • Acting Homeland Security Chief Chad Wolf / Jan. 12, 2021 / NPR
  • Sergeant at Arms of Senate and House and Capitol Police Chief / Jan. 7, 2021 / NPR
  • Key People in Key Positions / Jan. 6-7, 2021 / Reuters
    • Betsy DeVos – Education Secretary
    • Elaine Chao – Transportation Secretary
    • Mick Mulvaney – Special Envoy to Northern Ireland, former White House chief of staff
    • Matt Pottinger – National Security Adviser
    • John Costello – Deputy Assistant Secretary at the Commerce Dept.
    • Ryan Tully – Senior European and Russian Affairs Director at the National Security Council (NSC)
    • Erin Walsh – Senior African Affairs Director at the NSC
    • Rob Greenway – Senior Middle Eastern and North African Affairs Director at the NSC
    • Mark Vandroff – Senior Director for defense policy at the NSC
    • Anthony Rogierro – Senior Director for weapons of mass destruction at the NSC
    • Rickie Niceta – White House social secretary
    • Sarah Matthews – Deputy White House Press Secretary
    • Stephanie Grisham – Melania Trump’s Chief of Staff

Lack of Preparation and Law Enforcement

Law enforcement is unique so it gets its own category.

Congress People’s Testimonies

Watching The Orange One’s second impeachment proceedings, some Republicans who are against voting to impeach said that there were not any witness testimonies. Obviously they’re not very good lawyers, because they do not consider their colleagues – the very same people they hid in rooms with and spread COVID-19 to – as witnesses when they recounted the event during the proceedings.

Other Witness Accounts

Other Concerning Info.

As the insurrection unfolds, this isn’t the end of it. We must be vigilant.

Other Interesting Developments

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