Trash to Treasure


As with all of my upcycled projects with paper stock, I before I begin each project, I play with all the pieces first, moving and aligning until I become inspired.

I have refrained from creating any art with a face, however, for this project, the face came to me. Initially, this piece only had eyes and a headpiece, but I felt something was missing. So I amended it and put “fluffy” eyebrows (as with some animated characters) and the small emblem became the headpiece.

I named this “Mystique” not after the X-Men character, but because I found this character to be mysterious and does not allow the viewer to interpret beyond their face, yet, there’s something hidden behind the face. The secret could be anything – an abandoned child, once in power and now exiled, a love affair, the list goes on.

With the essentials, the viewer can use their imagination to fill in the rest. Who or what do you see?

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