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Nov. 29, 2020

FYI: I refrained from including California history in the hopes that readers will continue reading.

After my package arrived, I set aside some time to make two pairs of earrings. The gold pair is gold plated, while the silver pair has is rhodium plated charms with silver plated ear hooks. In reality, both pairs are roughly the same length. I made two jump rings for the gold pair to fit through the charms, because I didn’t have any that were the same size as the silver ones. Other than those two jump rings, everything is the same.

The vast majority of people who migrate to California for work and school end up loving California but the cost of living remains their biggest struggle. Some people visit California for vacation or study abroad and make a pact with themselves to eventually live in California. Those who move out of California for work end up returning when they retire.

California has a mix of big cities and rural towns. Deserts, valleys, mountains, and beaches. California has weather, too, and experiences extreme weather like most of the continental U.S. experience in different capacities. Nearly three months ago, I wrote about the wildfires on the west coast, with California being one of the states devastatingly affected.

Most tourists love Disneyland and Comic-Con. I love the museums and the wide variety of cuisine. I can go on and on about the best features of California, but I’ll give you a chance to get a word in.

What’s your favorite aspect about California?

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