Trash to Treasure

Cool Critters

As promised, my next upcycling post will be about animals.

Critter Coaster. Square body with 8 legs.
Critter Coaster

With eight legs, this coaster was supposed to be a spider, but when I showed my mom, she saw it horizontally as pictured above, and said it looks more like a crab than a spider. I must agree. Since everything is glued, I cannot insert another pair of legs, so this unique critter of mine is a crab with eight legs.

Summer’s heat and humidity had not provided any relief, so here is another project involving ice cream boxes.

Upcycled Butterfly mid-flight.
Take Flight!

Take Flight! was my second goal, and with time and persistence, I was able to make it happen. It inspired me to do things that I have not done. It also serves to remind myself to spread my wings and fly because greatness is in my nature. In July 2020, I was one of many who conducted virtual workshops for a STEAM Conference. I donated Take Flight! and hope the raffle winner is inspired by it as I am.

Feel free to share ideas and creations.

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