Silent Sapphire

Introducing Silent Sapphire, my latest design perfect for winter and every special occasion!

  • Silent Sapphire Necklace. A statement necklace at collar length. It features over 100 beads, 5 of which are the statement at the lowest point, separated by three clear seed beads between each square focal bead. Along either side of the focal beads are 10 supporting accent beads of the same colors and similar shape, separated by a single seed bead between each accent bead. 50 seed beads on either side of the necklace are strung up to the clasp.
  • Silent Sapphire Earrings
  • Silent Sapphire Bracelet Set Front View
  • Silent Sapphire Bracelet Set Top View
  • Silent Sapphire Jewelry Set

Silent Sapphire jewelry set includes a statement necklace, a pair of earrings, and a bracelet. The sapphire colored beads are sapphire and clear, a special color combination that adds sparkle to every outfit.

This statement necklace has over 100 beads! The focal portion features five faceted square beads separated by clear beads with a pastel rainbow coating. There are 10 accent beads on either side of the focal beads also separated by clear beads. The necklace is finished with 50 clear beads on either side, stretching all the way to the clasp. This is a collar necklace meant to highlight the wearer’s face.

Because the statement piece of this set is the necklace, earrings are small to keep the attention on the necklace. The colors, patterns, and shape of the earrings match the necklace to highlight the necklace and foster belonging.

The final piece of the Silent Sapphire set is a 7-inch bracelet with an extender and end detail. It features five blue elliptical beads as the focal point surrounded by smaller beads that extends all the way to the clasp. This bracelet has a classic and elegant look that does excellent on its own, but I prefer to wear a set of them to have a bigger impact.

  • Silent Sapphire Bracelet Set
  • Silent Sapphire Bracelet Set
  • Silent Sapphire Bracelet Set

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