November 28, 2019 Flash Fiction Challenge

This week’s Flash Fiction Challenge comes from Charli Mills at Carrot Ranch.

In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about winners. Who are they, whatโ€™s the mood, and what did they win? Express emotion or subdue it. Go where the prompt leads!

Ellie slammed her purse on the table out of despair and groaned.

“Honey, you didn’t punch her or get arrested. You’re the winner tonight,” said Simon.

“Why is your ex-girlfriend there? Why is she your boss’s wife? Look at the hold she has on us.”

Simon hesitated. “The logical option is for me to quit.”

“You can’t quit! You’ve worked so hard to get to here. And in two minutes, I messed it up.”

“Look at the control she has over you. She was your best friend. You chose me over her and now I’m choosing you over her.”

Thanks for reading.

4 thoughts on “November 28, 2019 Flash Fiction Challenge

    1. Thanks Charli! I’m sure this is more relateable and happens more frequently this time of year ๐Ÿ˜‰ though it could happen at any event, such as weddings where exes are invited and choose to attend.


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