November 21, 2019 Flash Fiction Challenge

This week’s Flash Fiction challenge comes from Carrot Ranch.

In 99 words (no more, no less), write a romance. Focus on the relationship between two people. Build tension and end on a happy(ish) note. Go where the prompt leads!

In her best dress, Hillary dried her palms on her lab coat as she approached Dr. Valdez.

“Good morning, Dr. Roma” Dr. Valdez said with a smile. “How are you?”

“I’m fine. And you?” Hillary said.

“Good.” Dr. Valdez looked at her again, noticing her nervousness, and gave her his full attention.

“Uh, well, you see…” Hillary began, feeling her face burn, then blurted what she rehearsed. “I’ve admired you for a long time. Your work is remarkable. We spend a lot of time in the lab. Would you join me for a cup of coffee some time?”


Hillary and Dr. Valdez arranged to meet for lunch that day. He saw her differently without her lab coat.

“Dr. Valdez-” Hillary began.

“We’re off the clock. Call me Simon.”

“Of course, Simon.” It was especially awkward for her to call him Simon but felt so special saying it. “What, what do you do for fun?”

“Fencing,” Simon replied, noticing Hillary melt in desire. “I’ve been training vigorously after work for the past two months preparing for a competition this weekend. You’re welcome to come if you like.”

Her smile widened and they spent lunch … and coffee … chatting about.

Hillary and Simon’s lunch and coffee extended into the lab as their mirth alerted other scientists of their presence. The next day, they spent lunch outdoors. Butterflies danced and chased one another, and the pair did the same all the way to the lab. The next day, they built model boats and set them in the community pond, watching them sail under bridges and around lily pads.

On the day of the fencing competition, Hillary took the best seat. The audience watched in suspense. Although it was disappointing that Simon lost, it encouraged them to celebrate with ice cream.

Thanks for reading.

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