Light #writephoto

This week’s Photo Prompt comes from Sue Vincent.

A woodland scene with a dusting of snow and the sun, rising as a rayed orb through the boughs of a tree.

Dani and Sally went to play at the lake only to find it frozen, so they ran back home and brought their ice skates to the rink. Their pet fox, Pete, tagged along. Dani and Sally laughed as they skated and fell. and got right back up as the sun’s light shone brighter. Pete did fairly well, the girls thought. Maybe it was his sweater that made the difference.

Dani gained speed and did a toe loop and she fell through the ice. She flailed in panic. Sally cried loudly, unable to see her sister’s panic or hear the cracking ice beneath her. In seconds, only bubbles were in Sally’s place. Dani flailed and splashed in greater panic, fearing she would have the same fate.

Pete sped to the lake and barked with urgency, as Sally and Dani’s parents were running as fast as they could. He stopped at the lake’s edge and barked and they only saw two wet hats floating on the lake.

Both parents dove where the hats were. Dad emerged first with Dani and carried her to the tree and immediately did CPR. Dani coughed up water and sat up, shivering vigorously. “Are you OK, honey? Are you OK?” Dani nodded.

“Sally’s in the lake!” she shouted and pointed.

“Stay here. I’m going to get her,” and Dad dove once more into the lake as Mom emerged without Sally. She took a few breaths then went back down. It seemed like a really long time when both parents emerged with Sally. She was blue.


Thanks for reading.

10 thoughts on “Light #writephoto

    1. As a writer, I wanted to end differently, thus, giving an unexpected outcome to my readers.
      The obvious cautionary tale is to not leave your kids unattended. The more obscure cautionary tale is to encourage people to take CPR and First Aid courses. Without knowing how to do CPR, both children would’ve died. I recently retook a CPR and First Aid course, so it reminded me how important these skills are.

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      1. I’d like to keep everyone safe. The instructor also mentioned that if we’ve never been in situations where we need to help someone in an emergency, we might not react in a way to help someone; we might freeze.


    1. Thanks for the compliment and video, Willow.
      In the video, I know they were just acting, but it was still scary. The panic by both the rescuer and trapped person can be seen. Conditions can quickly turn to the worst.


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