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Thankful for a Lighter Week

I’ve been very busy this September, with last week being especially busy, so I’m very thankful that the universe is merciful to me this week so I can catch up on paperwork and everything else.

Last week, I was late to orientation for a new job. Not one minute late, not five minutes late, not 10 minutes late. A whopping 30 minutes late. I’ve never been that late. I’m not familiar with the area and being extra busy, I wasn’t able to find it what the building looks like (and surrounding buildings) beforehand, so I was in the area 10 minutes earlier than the start time but driving around trying to find the building made me lose 35 minutes. I went into a convenience store and asked the cashier to help and it was super easy. The building was across from a market, next to a car wash, and hidden by trees.

Two days later, I got a call for an assignment. It was near the building mentioned in the paragraph above. I hate being a substitute teacher. It makes me lose faith in the youth when they are so disrespectful and they don’t give a damn about it. Subs are humans, too, they shouldn’t have to put up with disrespect.

I was able to get leniency to complete assignments in my Professional Development course (I forgot I was enrolled in a Professional Development course). I spent the weekend and yesterday catching up. I need to work on the final project to differentiate for gifted and talented students. In the proposal, the requirements include describing what I will do and addressing how I would go about it.

  • Step 1: Find the rubric
    • Already contacted the professor about it since I couldn’t find it
  • Step 2: Find gifted students to do this experiment on
  • Step 3: Write the proposal
  • The steps continue

This week, I will complete everything on my To-Do List.

  • Completing paperwork
  • Getting registered at my new job
  • Lesson planning (goal is to plan to the end of October)
  • Work on the speech that I will be giving this Thursday
    • Practice the speech more than once per day
    • Put a change of clothes and shoes in the car the night before
    • Already made logistical arrangements regarding the speech
  • Made an appointment to get a vaccination shot
    • I got the shot earlier today and made an appointment for the next one (just 3 shots total)
  • Participate in one writing challenge on WP
  • Purchase materials for an order of bracelets
  • Practice skills that I will be reviewing with my students later this week

Who knows what else the universe will present to me?

Thanks for reading.

5 thoughts on “Thankful for a Lighter Week

      1. Ah, that’s not fair to you. You need to find structure and balance for your overall well-being.
        What if you actually scheduled your time acordingly? I mean a real schedule.
        Granted it’s easier for me tosay that because I’m on SSDI, but if you alotted a certain amount of time for each project, do you think it would benefit you in the long run?


      2. Balance – yes, structure – maybe. I’m someone who values the quality of my work, so that usually means spending more time on something, like the PD course when I changed my response 3x to make sure I answered it correctly and thoroughly (sometimes it takes a break from it to get fresh eyes on it).
        I’ve tried allotting time in the past to see if it would work on me, but I would end up not completing my tasks. Then I would have to set additional time to complete it. I could give it another try since I’m a different person with more experience since I last tried it. That’s how other adults do it, right? I feel like given the way I operate, the issue is that I’m overbooked.

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