Designing Jewelry While Shopping

Months ago, I went to a gem show with a friend of mine. As she shopped, my friend was designing what she wanted me to make for her. She wears a lot of black, so she looked for black stones and components. Here are the results.

With the black stones and rhinestone components, she wanted a statement necklace. The remainder were for a pair of earrings. I really like the rhinestone clasp because it matches well with the necklace, it’s pretty, and it’s big enough to hold the necklace together. Unfortunately, two of the stones had a drilling issue so I couldn’t string them through.

After earning her B.A., my friend was getting back into the labor market and felt like she needed more gold accessories. In addition, she was looking for pearls because she inherited pearls from her mother-in-law and wanted to wear them more often with matching accessories. She bought a few strands of freshwater pearls and components, and wanted two silver and two gold stretchy bracelets. Here are the results.

As you click through this slideshow for bracelets, they look pretty similar to each other, but they’re not. Both silver and gold have different patterns. As a designer, one of my most important tasks was to make them to fit her wrist comfortably and make two of them for each metal.

If you see what you like, I can make jewelry for you as well for a fee.

Thanks for reading.

5 thoughts on “Designing Jewelry While Shopping

    1. Thanks Francis! Handmade pieces are more special because you know there’s someone making it, opposed to a machine. Also, every piece will be different.


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