Frozen #writephoto

This week’s Photo Prompt Challenge comes from Sue Vincent.

A pink and frosty dawn and a path of cracked ice leading towards the horizon

“Sweetie,” Laura whispered, “thank you so much for taking me here. The sky is so beautiful…” her voice trailing off as her whole being absorbs the picturesque sky.

Foxes, prairie dogs, and mice are in a deep slumber. No buzzing of insects, fluttering of butterflies, or chirping of birds. No crackling of twigs void of life or crunching of dead grass. No footsteps heard anywhere. Just silence.

“I wish we can be frozen in this moment,” Laura whispered, afraid of disturbing time and space.

As dawn approaches Laura and her lover, time on Earth waits for no one.

“I wonder what awaits tomorrow.”


Thanks for reading.

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