August 29, 2019 Flash Fiction Challenge

This week’s Flash Fiction Challenge comes from Carrot Ranch.

In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about the safebreaker’s daughter. Who is she, what did she do, and where? Go where the prompt leads you!

“Where is that document!” the safebreaker’s daughter angrily thought, as she rifles through Dr. Baez’s safe. “I need my freedom.”

In her process of the safe’s elimination, she threw folders filled with paper behind her.

Alas! A sealed envelope with her mother’s seal. She tore it open and quickly read it.

“Eliza Cunningham is due to marry Javier Baez on her 25th birthday….”

The door bursts open!

“Give me that document!” Dr. Baez shouted. “I saved your mother. She gave your life to me.”

Eliza stepped to the window, ripped it, and let the wind take it from there.

Thanks for reading.

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