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Within #writephoto

Today’s Photo Prompt challenge comes from Sue Vincent.

A summer landscape of rocky hills, seen from within a stone chamber

“Wait for us!” dad calling after his daughters.

The girls were racing to the finish line – the turtle-shaped rock. Whoever sits on the turtle’s back first, wins!

“It’s so nice to be able to come back here,” mom said to dad. They chose a spot towards the back with rocks aligned in a curve, facing the scenery and began unpacking lunch.

The girls ran back excitedly. “Daddy! Daddy! Tell us the story about our names again!”

“Okay,” he said smiling.

The parents’ hearts warmed within to know their daughters want to keep their culture alive and they knew they were doing something right.

“Chooli, when we had the naming ceremony for you, you were named Awee -“

“Meaning ‘Baby’ because you were such a baby!” Doli teased.

“You are our first child and we didn’t know what to expect, so you got a generic name. As you got older, we couldn’t tell how you would turn out, so you were named, ‘Haseya.'”

“Meaning ‘She Rises,'” Chooli answered eagerly.

“Yes, and we hoped this would give us all more direction in who you would become. Last year, when we got the call from your school saying you were in a fight, we didn’t know what to expect, because that’s not how we raised you and that’s not what we hoped for you. Do you remember what you told us?”

“There were all these kids in a circle watching the bigger kid pick on the little kid. How could all of them do nothing? Not defending the little kid and not telling an adult?”

“That was the sign we were waiting for. That’s how you were named, ‘Chooli,’ meaning ‘Mountain’ for your strength. You continue to prove that. We’ve seen you keep a close eye on Doli for her safety and bringing Dr. Annie’s groceries.”

“She’s 100 years old and uses a walker. Someone needs to help her,” Chooli said proudly.

“You’re only 11 so you might get another name later on. Okay, on to Doli.”

“Because you’re so loud and annoying!” Chooli returning the favor. Doli stuck her tongue out at her sister.

“We say this with a lot of love, but you were and still are a handful.”

The girls laughed.

“When you were in Mommy’s tummy, you kicked her all the time. Some nights, she felt you were running inside her.”

They all laughed hysterically.

“When we had the naming ceremony for you, you were named, ‘Doli,’ meaning ‘Blue Bird” to reflect your spirit.”

Dad took a sip of water and Doli said, “Hurry up!”

He continued. “You cried so much when you were born. Once you were crawling, we couldn’t look away for a second. One time, mom put you in your crib so she can go to the bathroom, but when she came out to get you, you were gone. She looked all over for you. Do you remember where she found you?”

“In her room making a big mess!” Doli answered excitedly.

They laughed.

“You skipped learning how to walk because as soon as you were on your feet, you were running. Doesn’t matter if we held your hand or carried you, you always broke free and explored. We’ve lost you at least once in every store.”

Everyone laughed uncontrollably.

“Too bad we can never return to that antique shop,” mom said and everyone laughed.

“These names are very fitting for both of you.” Looking at Chooli, dad said, “We hope that your strength continues to grow from within as you get older.” Turning to Doli, he said, “We hope your spirit will bring joy to many more.”


Thanks for reading.

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