BAN – Multi-Purpose Accessory

What if you could look stylish with an accessory that you can wear as a bracelet, anklet, and necklace? I would like to introduce the BAN Accessory to you.

  • BAN Bracelet - Swarovski Crystals, Magnetic Hematite, and Aqua Beads
  • BAN Bracelet Modeled Top View. Three rows of magnetic hematite, crystals, and beads are aligned
  • BAN Bracelet Bottom View. Three rows of Magnetic Hematite, crystals, and beads are aligned with two ends hanging, each side with a larger crystal than the ones in the main part of the piece.
  • BAN Necklace Top View. The ends are aligned and connected at the ends
  • BAN Bracelet Top View

As a jewelry maker, I know that everyone has a different size wrist and neck, and everyone has preferences in length for wearing them. With this versatile piece, you can adjust it to your liking and fitting while looking stylish and fierce.

It contains 18 magnetic hematite beads (yes, the magic is in the magnets), 19 Swarovski crystals, and 170 aqua beads, totaling 207 beads. It measures about 21 inches (~53 cm). Color preferences and length can be requested and made. The BAN above represents the school colors for the University of California San Diego.

Wearing it as a bracelet and anklet is obvious. As a necklace, you can wear it connected at the ends to form a pendant or you can wrap it around to form a choker. It’s also a great fidget toy for adults (still testing it for kids), so you have something to do off screen when you’re waiting.

Finally, I would like to add that this the creation of this piece of jewelry is not new and the materials used are not new, rather the reason it hasn’t reached mass market because the costs of production are so high.

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