June 20, 2019 Flash Fiction Challenge

This week’s Flash Fiction Challenge is from Carrot Ranch.

In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about having to wait. Who is waiting and what for? Think about how the wait impacts the character or the story. Go where the prompt leads!

Barry and Lena were having a heated argument in the car, yelling so loud the car behind them kept a 3-car distance.

“What’s wrong with inviting my mom’s friends to the wedding? They’ve been friends their entire lives!”

“Where am I gonna put ’em? We already have 150 guests and the room won’t fit 12 more cows! Not only that-“

“Red light! Red light! RED LIGHT!”

Sharp screech of the tires against the asphalt.

Streaks of smoke rise.


In the newspaper, “If the couple waited to have the argument at home, this family of three would still be alive today.”

Thanks for reading.

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