Forgotten #writephoto

This week’s photo prompt from Sue Vincent.

An old, long-closed gate in an ornate but crumbling wall, overgrown with wildflowers

When I was five, you were so big and impenetrable. We played hide and seek, tag, and checkers. When I fell, you made my ouchies feel better.

When I was thirty-five, you were so small and a breeze made you shiver. We no longer played tag and checkers, but we had to check to see if you were still breathing. You healed my ouchies; I am helpless to heal yours.

Although you’re weathered and crumbling, I will always have a piece of you with me. You won’t be forgotten.

When my child is five, I’ll play with him as you played with me, healing his ouchies as you healed mine. Watch us from above and listen to me reminisce to him about my time with you. Let’s run around again when the time comes.


Thanks for reading.

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