Violet Quartz and Hematite

Busy professional or just plain busy? Check out the Violet Quartz and Hematite earring and necklace set.

This deep violet sparkles as much as your personality and the black hematite is as cool as you.

The earrings have an elegant and simple design with silver heart, four square hematite beads, and a quartz bead. Since the heart and hematite are neutral colors, the purple quartz becomes the focal color. The lengthy necklace is 36.5 inches in length for easy on/easy off. The quartz and hematite side-by-side lay on the chest and the heart and “cluster of grapes” pendant lay on the core.

Wear this set with a blouse or dress in any shade of white and you’ve got yourself an outfit for work and fun!

I gave the necklace to my friend as a gift and also made a different style of earrings, because she likes long earrings.

Violet Quartz and Hematite Dangle Earrings. It features a silver heart at the top, connected to a violet quartz below it, and another silver heart below that. Each part (two hearts and one quartz) has a hematite cube above and below it.
Violet Quartz and Hematite Dangle Earrings

*Please note that the hearts on the earrings and the pendant do not match; they are similar in size and color.

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