April 2019 Red and Icy Blue Update

The multi-sized faceted red beads have a new look! I flipped through a beaded jewelry book that a friend of mine gave me and found inspiration. Check it out!

Mulit-Sized Faceted Red Beads on Wire - Closed. The weighted end detail can be seen near the clasp. There is a large bead, then a round "gold" bead to match the bracelet, and then a red bicone crystal.
Faceted Red Beaded Bracelet
on Wire – Closed
Multi-Size Faceted Red Beaded Bracelet on Wire - Open
Faceted Red Beaded Bracelet
on Wire – Open

This stylish bracelet is a fashion statement all by itself. The faceted red beads are adorned with faded gold colored round beads and two antique copper ball caps. The caps give the beads an interesting color change, making the large beads have a darker hue. It also features a cute weighted end detail. This bracelet is fancy and comfortable to wear all day.

Now to the icy blue. The bracelet remains unchanged – classic and beautiful. As for the necklace, I added a Sinox crystal that’s larger than the original crystal. This adds another layer of complexity. The two teardrops symbolizes two people – parent and child, siblings, spouses and partners, and best friends. It can also symbolize pet and pet parent. That way, they will always be with you.

I also created two pairs of earrings to complete this set. They have a common portion with two icy blue crystals separated by a silver bead. The ends have either the aqua or clear teardrop crystal. You can wear them as traditional pairs or one aqua and one clear for a hint of rebellion as you can see below.

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